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Clinical Videos

“Understand and Build Your Modern Clinical Skills for Better Patient Outcomes”

Clinical Procedures

  • Meet NABH/JCI protocols
  • Are demonstrated by clinical specialist working at a NABH/JCI accredited multi-speciality hospital
  • Demonstrate common clinical errors and how to adapt to the situations

Video Features

  • Are categorized academic-wise and subject-wise
  • Are per Indian healthcare context
  • Cover pre-procedure preparation, articles required, steps of a procedure, post-procedure care and common clinical errors

Benefits For Nursing Students

  • Develop confidence in clinical practice
  • Increase cognitive and procedural knowledge
  • Support self study of clinical skills
  • Anxiety-free learning
  • Useful tool for revisions

Benefits For Staff Nurses

  • Revise all clinical procedures
  • Learn new clinical skills
  • Update your practice of clinical skills
  • Prepare for OSCE exams

Fundamentals of Nursing Videos

  • Vital Signs
  • Health Assessment
  • Bed Making
  • Hygiene Care
  • Feeding Techniques
  • Urinary Elimination
  • Bowel Elimination
  • Mobility
  • Suctioning Techniques

Fundamentals of Nursing Videos

  • Sample Collection
  • Blood/Urine/Stool/Sputum
  • Oxygenation Devices
  • Care of Tubes & Drains
  • CPR
  • Infection Control Practices
  • Administration of Medication
  • Hot & Cold Application
  • Pre-operative Care
  • Post-operative Care

Medical Surgical Videos

  • Health Assessment – disease
  • Routes of Administration
  • Insertion of Lines & Tubes
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Wound Care
  • Care of Lines & Tubes

Medical Surgical Videos

  • Suctioning Techniques
  • Diagnostics
  • Care of patient on Ventilator
  • Burn Care
  • Equipment Demonstration

Child Health Nursing Videos

  • Health Assessment
  • Routes of Medication
  • Oxygen Therapies
  • Feeding
  • Specimen Collection
  • Diagnostics
  • Newborn Care
  • Suctioning
  • CPR

Maternal Health Nursing Videos

  • Antenatal Care
  • Specimen Collection
  • Examination
  • Intranatal Care
  • Postnatal Care


The content of these videos series include information relating to general principles of clinical nursing procedures and should not be considered specific instructions for individual patients. Application of the information in a particular situation remains the professional responsibility of the nurse. Vidyanta assumes no liability or responsibility for errors or omissions in the use of such information. The clinical procedures, drug information, treatment schedules, and other clinical information offered on Vidyanta video-based learning are based on generally accepted standards and practice in India. However, as new information becomes available, changes in therapy and the use of drugs may become necessary. Therefore, the information contained on this cannot be considered as recommendations and is not intended to substitute for independent professional judgment, nursing practice or treatment. The video content has been made available for informational and educational purposes only. Vidyanta does not make any representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, or completeness of the video content. The video content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding any clinical procedure. Vidyanta disclaims all responsibility for the content shall not be liable for damages or injuries arising from the video-based content.