Workshops & conferences


Health Care best practices and standards-of-care are continuously evolving. As more evidence is gained and new advances in technology emerge, there are more ways that doctors and nurses can help to reduce mortality and improve the quality of life. Continuing education gives nurses and doctors fresh information that can be implemented to improve patient outcomes. 

Nurses and doctors don’t practice by the same standards as they did 20 years ago or even 5 years ago; hence it is important for doctors and nurses to make an effort to stay informed of impending changes to their health care practice. 

To contribute towards this idea, many state nursing councils and medical councils have come up with the idea of credit-hour system which the candidates get by attending workshops / conferences conducted by state medical / nursing council approved organizations. Vidyanta conducts simulation based workshops with its core theme on “Transforming brain power to hand power” on the current trends and technology in health care field.

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