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Physical Assessment

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This course aims to develop skills to perform a focused assessment of patients in a hospital setting. Participants are taught techniques to perform a head-to-toe and system-specific assessment. Participants are required to perform a return demonstration utilizing the head-to-toe approach including neurologic, cardiovascular, pulmonary, GI, GU, skin, musculoskeletal, and lymphatic assessment. The class is presented utilizing demonstrations, return-demonstrations, video, lecture, and hands-on assessment. Recognizing lung sounds and breath sounds is included in the classroom presentation.


Educational Objectives

  • At the end of this module, the participant will be able to:
  • Identify components of a head-to-toe nursing assessment
  • Identify components of a systems-by-system nursing assessment
  • Differentiate between normal and abnormal vital sign parameters
  • Identify key components of the nursing neurological exam
  • Identify key components of a chest and thoracic assessment
  • Demonstrate on a standardized patient a head-to-toe nursing assessment
  • Document findings of a nursing assessment