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Nursing Colleges

Hands-on training on critical skills for final year nursing students and faculty

Learn to use new Technologies

The use of dynamically sophisticated simulation technology and narrative pedagogy is one of the hottest trends in nursing education. In these situations, nurse educators create a narrative, or a story, about a fictional patient in need of medical attention. Students respond and provide treatment to the fictional patient on a high-fidelity mannequin that responds as if it were an actual person.

Gain Meaningful Clinical Placements

Studies have shown the effectiveness of the short-term clinical course for clinical posting make nursing students better nurses for working at international or JCI-accredited hospitals.  The global demand of specialized nurses is increasing day by day; and, therefore Vidyanta offers specialized courses for nursing students.

Expand Employment Opportunities

Our courses provide nursing students the opportunity to explore the many extended and expanded role of the nurses today. The transition of health care systems from a disease-oriented model to a health-oriented model is an emerging trend.  Nursing, which makes a significant for patient care, is the largest component of the healthcare system and nurses are at the forefront.

Develop clinical competencies

The unique feature of our courses is “Hands-on Practice” sessions to develop clinical competency. The development of clinical competence is the main purpose of nursing education. The responsibility of nursing colleges is to train students to become clinically competent nurses who are highly qualified and specialized professionals.

Transforming "Brain Power" to "Hand Power"

  • Scenario-based practical training
  • Patient-centered approach
  • Critical conversations and communications
  • Focus on changing behavior & attitude towards patient care
  • Online and in-person training modules to maximize training time

Training Courses for Nursing Students

Infection Prevention & Control Nurse Course

Empower nurses with expertise which is essential for effective implementation of infection control practices across all healthcare settings.

Emergency Nursing Course

Manage effectively real life threatening emergencies inside and outside of the hospital using systematic management and simple algorithms.

Critical Care Nursing Course

Gain advanced knowledge in major diseases, which requires high intensity nursing. Practice how to use comprehensive systemic assessments, clinical judgment and ethical issues encountered critical care units.

AHA-Certified BLS Course

As an American Heart Association International Training Center, we offer AHA-certified BLS and ACLS training for nurses. Click here for additional information.

Trauma Care Nursing Course

Practice safe and reliable method for the immediate treatment of injured patients, such as, assessing their conditions quickly and accurately, resuscitating and stabilizing them and determining their needs in context of a facility’s resources and a provider capabilities,

Training Courses for Nursing College Faculty

Simulation Expert in Nursing

Learn how to teach through simulation, design simulations congruent with the curriculum, promote reflection and debriefing, evaluate performance, and provide feedback.

AHA-Certified BLS Instructor Course

As an American Heart Association International Training Center, we offer AHA-certified BLS and ACLS training for nurses. Click here for additional information.

Nursing Leadership & Management

Understand leadership theories, communications, conflict management, delegation, staffing, critical thinking and decision-making. Apply theory to real case scenarios and practice problem solving skills. 

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