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Registered Nurses

Transformation in Nursing Practice

As health care becomes more complex and specialized, nurses have to focus their efforts on a particular specialized area of nursing practice. There are many benefits to specialization in a particular field of nursing practice and administration, such as increased respect and recognition, opportunity to do a Master’s degree, greater job security, enhanced career satisfaction and increased salary potential.

Challenge: Ever Growing Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is one of the most dynamic and rapidly changing industries. It is constantly changing as new modalities, treatments and technologies are discovered or even rebutted and therefore requires nursing students to understand the importance of staying current on changes throughout their careers.

Challenge: Better Patient Outcome

Every healthcare organization wants better and continuously improving patient outcomes. As nurses are the backbone of patient care, strong clinical skills are required for better clinical outcomes.

Challenge: Clinical Specialization

Studies have shown the effectiveness of the short-term clinical courses for clinical postings are needed for nursing students to be better nurses in specialized clinical areas. The global demand for specialized nurses is increasing day by day.

Challenge: Expand Employment Opportunities

The transition of healthcare systems from a disease-oriented model to a health-oriented model is an emerging trend.  Nursing, which is significant for patient care, is the largest component of the system with nurses at the forefront. There are numerous opportunities to explore newly extended and expanded roles of nurses today.

Specialization in Nursing

Nurses who undertake specialized courses have the opportunity to become experts in their field and influence practice, education and healthcare outcomes. Pursuing a clinical or non-clinical specialization in nursing is not only beneficial for career advancement but also opens the door for nurses to get job opportunities in various newly extended and expanded roles and shape the future of the healthcare industry.