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Clinical Training for Hospitals

Your Partner in the Delivery of Healthcare Excellence

Assess Skills & Competency

We assess practical clinical skills through demonstrations and identify gaps between knowledge and skills application. Our evaluation is designed to assess critical elements that can either injure or harm a patient or cause death.

Train for better clinical outcomes

Our scenario-based clinical training simulates actual scenarios, where the trainees are expected to apply their knowledge and skills to familar and new clinical situations. Our training emphasizes the delivery of patient care.

Improve Clinical Competency

We define clinical competency as the ability to perform a specific procedure to pre-defined standards. With our focus on the delivery of patient care, our trainees are able to apply their knowledge and skills to improve patient outcomes.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Improved patient outcomes leads to improved patient satisfaction resulting in increased brand loyalty and better results.

How we work with hospitals to achieve their training goals


We collaborate with various stakeholders to understand and align the training needs of your organization with our online and in-person courses.


We develop a training program according to the identified training needs. We can tailor training modules to meet the training goals of your organization.

Deliver TRaining

We conduct scenario-based training with emphasis on developing problem solving skills and critical thinking in handling clinical emergencies.


We measure the outcomes and results of our training programs through demonstration of clinical skills in our pre- and post-assessments. 


We design training solutions for:

  • Compliance with NABH & JCI standards
  • Commissioning of new hospitals
  • Setting up of new departments
  • Developing of standard operating procedures
  • Maintaining quality patient care

Transforming "Brain Power" to "Hand Power"

  • Scenario-based practical training
  • Patient-centered approach
  • Critical conversations and communications
  • Focus on changing behavior & attitude towards patient care
  • Online and in-person training modules to maximize training time

Training Programs for Nurses

NABH/JCI Training

We provide JCI and NABH training in preparation for a hospital applying for accreditation. In addition, we provide the on-going training support during the accreditation process. 

Clinical Training

Based on the training needs analysis, we offer various clinical training modules for either general or specialty-specific nursing skills. 

AHA-Certified Training

As an American Heart Association International Training Center, we offer AHA-certified BLS and ACLS training for nurses. Click here for additional information.

Leadership Training

Strong clinical leadership is critical to a successful hospital. We provide scenario-based leadership training modules for Team Leaders, Head Nurses and Supervisors.

Induction Training

As part of the hospital induction program, we provide specific clinical training modules to ensure that nurses are ready to provide patient care. 

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