Vidyanta Skills Institute is proud to offer various training programs for nursing college faculties and students through customized onsite and online sessions and consultations.

Faculty Development

  • Continue Nursing Education 
  • Active Learning in the Classroom
  • Test Item Writing
  • Simulation-based Program Development
  • Concept-based Teaching
  • Clinical Creativity
  • Communication & Life Skills
  • Researches & Analysis 
  • Seminars (motivation, advanced nursing practice, leadership, new researches and many more)

Student Success

  • Best Clinical Practice Strategies 
  • Learning How to Learn
  • Test Taking Preparation for overseas/ National Exams
  • Communication & Life Skills
  • Workshops & Conferences




Vidyanta offers A Unique Induction Program for Nurse Graduate students 

Theme for induction program: "If you haven't placed yourself in the position to observe or experience nursing, find an opportunity to do so."

The first day as a student nurse is the most terrifying and the most exciting day as he/she begins their student life. They may be scared about everything. Will I make any friends? Will I understand the academics? Will nursing be only about injections?

Or they might have told that “It is Really, Really Difficult…………….”

Well, is it true or not.Whether it's boning up on anatomy, sinking your teeth into how to calculate a drip rate denominator, or getting to grips with all things evidence-based, becoming a student nurse requires every neuron to be firing constantly.

It drains you emotionally just as much as it does physically and it takes over your life. When you watch T.V. you'll criticize terrible CPR skills. When you're out and about you'll be looking for AEDs. When you're asleep you'll dream of your patients. 

Many have come into nursing due to the fact that it's a good choice in this current economy and it garners a handsome pay, some with force from parents, and some as they did not have any other options to choose from. But once they are into nursing it’s our responsibility to guide them through the proper track and to achieve the best out of their selection.

Benefits of Induction program for nursing students:

1. Give a clear picture of what nursing is, something more than injections!

2. What are the extended and expanded roles one can hold?

3. Help students to focus on to a particular role and work towards from first year onwards.

4. Industrial needs are explained so they try to prepare themselves better.

5. Challenges in academic years prepare them to face it with confidence.

6. Guide students to mould themselves which can fit them into the role.

7. Higher education options.

8. Study abroad options.

9. Career opportunities as a nurse: private, corporate, government, abroad.

10. Reduced stress levels.

Benefits for nursing colleges:

1. Motivated students will focus on the goals

2. Reduces stress on teachers

3. Good results

4. Better placements

5. Better students will best brand the college name

Induction Topics:

· Life Skills 

· Career Opportunities 

· Current Nursing Trends

· Growth Opportunities

· Need of Healthcare Industry 

· Personality development

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