MISSION: Vidyanta invests in its processes, people and technology to deliver quality training to healthcare professionals and creates patient awareness through its community outreach and online programs.

VISION: To continuously reinforce the power of self-realization by nurturing knowledge through practice and experience.

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Livelihood Skills courses and Training

Life saving –First Responder Courses

Community Health Education & Training

Livelihood Skills courses and Training

Vidyanta is having expertise in mobilization of students, setting up of lab, training delivery, assessment and certification and placement of students in healthcare sector. The courses are certified from Healthcare Sector Skill Council, which are six to twelve months in duration.

Life saving –First Responder Courses


Ever thought, what would you do if a colleague, a friend or family member of yours suffers from a heart attack? What would you do in this emergency situation to save the few early golden seconds and before going to the hospital? Whom would you call?

What if an employee starts choking right in front of you? Will you feel helpless or start acting by providing the necessary medical care?

“Every 5 seconds a person dies of heart attack” where First Aid & CPR could have given them a chance to live. If only someone had known what to do in the critical minutes, they could have survived and led a normal life with their loved ones.

With an effort to make the workplace safe and well-equipped, for the very first time, Vidyanta Skills Institute offers a unique AHA certified First Aid & CPR training. We want every work place to have a team of FIRST RESPONDERS who can respond and act in medical emergencies and first aid situations. These First Responders will have a legal empowerment to act in these situations. They have an AHA certification which clearly shows that they are allowed to act in these situations. This training will give the skills and confidence you need to act quickly in a crisis - whenever and wherever you’re called upon.

If you are trained in First Aid & CPR, you can improve the safety of your colleagues and your internal and external customers. You become the first person to respond to a medical emergency and hence you become the FIRST RESPONDER for your organization. Through the CPR & First Aid training, you can increase the golden seconds of survival during heart attack and identify appropriate therapy for minor situations like cuts, stings respectively.

Vidyanta Skills Institute offers American Heart Association Certified First Aid & CPR course. Its a one day (4 hours) program for non healthcare professionals. At the end of the training candidate will receive AHA certification & card. Please find the details below and in attached flyer.  


  • International certification and card (American Heart Association "AHA") 
  • Training by AHA Certified Trainers
  • one trainer will take maximum 8-10 students in a batch
  • Two trainers can take 20 students in a batch
  • Training deliver at your premises, team will bring all the equipment

Through this training, we want people to empower themselves to make a difference in lives of thousands of people at the time of need.

Community Health Education & Training

Community Health Education prepares people to promote health and wellness in community and organizational settings. We also provide trainings and awareness sessions on techniques of prevention of diseases and promotion of health. 

  • Disease prevention and health promotion
  • Immunization
  • Mother and child care 
  • Personal hygiene