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NABH healthcare quality standards are the benchmark for hospitals throughout India. NABH accreditation system is one of the methods for commitment to quality enhancements throughout the entire Indian healthcare system. Among all the preparations that are required for NABH accreditation, the training of hospital staff is the most important aspect for implementation. Hospital staff must be trained and be aware of various policies and procedures which need to be documented by a hospital to meet NABH standards.

This awareness course provides guidance on implementing standards to plan and prepare the required NABH documents, including manuals, SOPs, etc., by the hospital management and staff. The aim is to develop internal teams for preparing and implementing operational guidelines as per the NABH standards while working towards achieving accreditation. The course offers practical guidelines on how to overcome accreditation challenges that hospitals face during implementation of standards.


Educational Objectives

On completion of the course, the student will be able to 

  • Understand the NABH guidelines as per Fifth Edition 
  • Implement NABH standards (chapters wise)
  • Provide specialized training & certification as per NABH requirements
  • Prepare employees for NABH audit 
  • Define responsibilities for achieving accreditation through  teamwork 
  • Provide guidance to follow and maintain NABH standards
  • Changing behavior of employees towards the importance of NABH accreditation