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The evolution of Infusion therapy is centred on uplifting the needs of the chronically ill patients who require specialized treatments. Infusion nursing is a specialty which focuses on the care of patients receiving intravenous (IV) therapy or infusion therapy, or medications and fluids via injections.  Infusion nurses ensure that patients receive correct intravenous (IV) therapy for treatment ordered by choosing the appropriate device and by monitoring and evaluating a patient’s response to the IV therapy.

Educational Objectives

At the end of this course, a participant will be able to:

  • Understand patient assessment and monitoring
  • Perform venipuncture
  • Administer intravenous medications, fluids and blood products
  • Understand infection control precautions
  • Identify and use Infusion equipment
  • Describe the intravenous therapy
  • Describe the anatomical hazards associated with venipuncture
  • Identify peripheral and central vein locations
  • Identify location of central venous catheters
  • Demonstrate correct use and proper maintenance of equipment
  • Demonstrate competency in removal of a peripheral intravenous device
  • Demonstrate measures to be taken to prepare intravenous fluids and blood products for administration
  • Demonstrate competency in administering, regulating and maintaining intravenous fluids.
  • Compare complications of IV infusions, their prevention, and nursing
  • Apply correct principles for administering IV antibiotics and calculating drug doses.

Course Fees

Rs. 2,500