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As most people get older they begin experiencing more health problems because of their fragile health and elderly individuals often need special care, particularly since a minor health related issue can sometimes spin out of control quickly. As such, the elderly often need more medical care than others.

Geriatric nurses are some of the most important professionals in this field, as they often provide daily care for patients with unique needs. Since human life expectancy has increased the demand for geriatric nurses is expected to increase dramatically. Working as a geriatric nurse is often very gratifying and rewarding personally.


Educational Objectives

  • Patient education
  • Medication management
  • Bedside nursing care of geriatric patients
  • Managing acute and chronic physical or mental conditions of older adults
  • Assessing the living environment and community resources for older adult patients
  • Prescribing and delivering medications for older adults
  • Liaison between a patient, family, and care providers
  • Maintaining functional mobility
  • Maintaining psychosocial health
  • Facilitating ethical healthcare decision-making for older adults and their families or caregivers
  • Providing palliative and hospice care to older adults.