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To effectively manage the real life threatening emergencies inside and outside of the hospital, it is essential that a nurse must know systematic management and use simple algorithms to manage these emergencies. In this course, participants are required to assume various roles during a medical emergency as they would at the scene of an emergency. Pre-designed scenarios will be acted out in the simulation laboratory where the participants will have an opportunity to enact in managing the emergency situations as per the algorithm. The highlight of the course is real life simulation, giving the participants an opportunity to use the theory and hands-on skills in real life emergencies.


Educational Objectives

  •  Activate emergency response
  •  Assess and manage the patient at the site
  • Prevent infection during care (Infection Control)
  •  Identify triage and prioritize the patient for emergency medical care
  •  Manage the following system related specific medical emergencies
      • Cardiovascular emergency
      • Cerebrovascular emergency 
      • Soft tissue injuries and burns
      • Musculoskeletal injuries
      • Head and spine
      • Respiratory emergency
      • Severe abdominal pain
  • Identify and manage allergic reaction
  • Manage poisoning or overdose
  • Control environmental emergency
  • Control immediate bleeding and shock 
  • Manage burns case 
  • Manage mass casualty incident 
  • Transport patient to nearest emergency department
  • Maintain a safe, healthy, and secure working environment

Course Fees

Individual Course: Rs. 5,000
Three-part Emergence Nurse Series: Rs. 12,000