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This course is designed for independent study of normal and abnormal ECG interpretation. Through this course, the nurse will develop proficiency in “reading” ECGs with dynamic and static patterns.

For static recognition with a ECG strip, a nurse will be able to identify the abnormality and to develop appropriate interventions.

The dynamic recognition of arrhythmias is aimed at developing rapid recognition skills in the identification of abnormal patterns. This is accomplished by having a nurse rapidly identify an abnormality while an ECG is displayed on a cardiac monitor.

Educational Objectives

  • Conduction system of the heart
  • Correlate the actions of the heart represented by the p wave, PR interval, QRS complex, and  T-wave
  • Proper placement of electrodes based on ECG mechanics
  • Calculate a heart rate from an ECG strip
  • Analyze rhythms on an ECG strip
  • Analyze dysrhythmias on an ECG strip
  • Nursing interventions associated with common dysrhythmias

Course Fees

Rs. 2,500