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Disaster refers to an emergency caused by natural hazards or man-made actions that overwhelms the capacity of a community to respond due to the magnitude of loss such as economic, environmental, loss of life, property, or infrastructure. Nurses are at the forefront of managing disasters in their communities and facilities. Knowing the cause and location of a disaster will help determine the appropriate response. The multiple types of patients that a disaster nurse may care for and the environment in which a patient is treated dictates that a disaster nurse is prepared for a variety of challenges. The role of a disaster nurse is multifaceted and includes practice, education, management, consultation, advocacy and research. Disaster nurses come from a variety of specialty nursing areas and bring their expertise, such as education in disaster management, life-saving skills (CPR, first aid and triage) and teamwork.

Educational Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to understand:

  • Hazards, risks and disasters
  • Field skills
  • Disaster theory, statistics and logistics
  • Disaster mitigation, preparedness and response
  • Earth catastrophes, fires and explosions
  • Natural and man-made disasters
  • Disaster medicine
  • Rehabilitation, reconstruction and recovery
  • Strategies for survival
  • Experience of vulnerability
  • Disaster preparedness (various aspects)
  • Logistics management
  • Communication, participation, and activation of the emergency preparedness plan

Course Fees

Rs. 2,000