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Critical care nursing is a recognized specialty in the international setting. Completion of a critical care course is mandated by accrediting bodies as a requisite for employment in a critical care unit.

In this course a nurse will gain knowledge about concepts in the care of critically ill patients. Advanced knowledge in major diseases affecting individuals, which requires them to have high intensity nursing, will be the focus.

This course will be useful to those nurses who do not have formal training in critical care nursing and who desire to work in a critical care unit. Critical care units include: ICU, CCU, Emergency and Trauma, Post-Anesthesia-Recovery, Transplant, and others whose main patient population are critically ill.

Educational Objectives

  • Concept of critical care
  • Physiologic effects of the critical care environment
  • Nursing interventions for the management of pain
  • Name the changes that occurs with aging and its corresponding implication for critical care
  • State the physiologic effects of pregnancy¬†
  • Compare and contrast in-hospital from out-of-hospital transport of a critically ill
  • Nursing interventions for critically ill patients in the post-operative period
  • Nursing interventions for critically ill patients with
    • neurological disorders
    • cardiovascular disorders
    • respiratory disorders
    • GI disorders
    • GU disorders
    • endocrine disorders
    • hematologic disorders
    • immune disorders
    • multi-system failure

Course Fees

Individual Course: Rs. 5,000
Four-part Critical Care Nurse Series: Rs. 15,000