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Topics in Critical Care: From the Field to the Bedside


This conference focuses on critical care nursing, which is becoming increasingly complex, not only in relation to the outcome of new technologies and medicine, but also in caring for an increasing population, many with long term conditions and social care needs.

This complexity of delivering care requires nurses who can respond with an equivalent complex skill set, underpinned by an advanced knowledge base, as well as, the core leadership and judgment skills.

This conference will offer a unique opportunity for nurses from around the northern India to network and share innovative ideas and practices designed to optimize patient care.

The conference will attract delegates from numerous hospital, Nursing Institutions which will enrich the context allowing sharing with, and learning from, each other.

Scientific Sessions

Track #1 – Challenges in Critical Care Nursing

Track #2 – Clinical Leadership in Critical Care Unit

Track #3 – Identify Patient’s Clinical Parameters

Track #4 – Nursing Records & Documents

Track #5 – Medico-legal Threat 


This workshop is for floor managers, in-charges, educators, preceptors and team leaders.